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What is a KBIS extract?

In France, a KBIS extract (Extrait Kbis) is an official document that serves as a business registration certificate. It is issued by the French Commercial Courts and provides detailed information about a registered company or business entity. The KBIS extract includes key information such as the company's legal name, registration number, address, legal structure, and the names of its representatives.

This document is essential for businesses in France, as it serves as proof of legal existence and is often required for various administrative and business-related purposes. For example, it may be requested when opening a bank account, entering into contracts, or participating in certain business transactions. The KBIS extract essentially acts as an official snapshot of the company's current status and details as registered with the French authorities.

Who can request a KBIS extract?

Various individuals and entities may need a KBIS extract in France for different purposes. Some common examples include:
  • Business Owners/Managers: Companies and business owners often need a KBIS extract for administrative purposes, such as opening a bank account, signing contracts, or participating in business transactions.
  • Financial Institutions: Banks and financial institutions may require a KBIS extract when a business is applying for loans, credit lines, or other financial services.
  • Government Agencies: Government bodies and agencies may request a KBIS extract for regulatory compliance, taxation, or other official purposes.
  • Suppliers and Partners: Suppliers and business partners may ask for a KBIS extract to verify the legal status and reliability of a company before entering into agreements or collaborations.
  • Entrepreneurs and Startups: Individuals planning to start a business in France may need a KBIS extract to fulfill legal requirements and establish the legitimacy of their new venture.
  • Notaries and Legal Professionals: Notaries and legal professionals may request a KBIS extract when handling legal matters such as property transactions or business mergers.
  • Trade Shows and Events: Companies participating in trade shows, exhibitions, or events may be required to provide a KBIS extract as part of the registration process.
It's important to note that the specific situations and entities requiring a KBIS extract may vary, but generally, it is a crucial document for establishing the legal identity and status of a business in France.

Are there different types of certificates of incorporation (KBIS)?

There are different types of certificates of incorporation in France, and they vary based on the information they provide and the registry that issues them. The main types include:
  • Standard KBIS Extract (Extrait Kbis Standard): This is the most common type of KBIS extract and includes essential information about a company. It typically contains details such as the company's legal name, registration number, address, legal structure, and the names of its representatives.
  • Kbis D1 Extract (Extrait Kbis D1): This extract provides additional information, such as the company's capital, the names of partners or shareholders, and any restrictions related to share transfers.
  • RNE Extract (Extrait RNE - Répertoire National des Entreprises): The RNE extract focuses on national registration and includes information about the company's national identification number, legal status, and registration date.
  • SIRENE Situation Notice: The SIRENE extract provides information about the current status of a company in the SIRENE database, including its legal form, activity code, and registration date.
The choice of which type of KBIS extract to obtain depends on the specific information requirements for a particular situation or transaction. Businesses and individuals may request a specific type of KBIS extract based on the details needed for legal, financial, or contractual purposes.
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